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About us


Cibidex company’s mission is to provide retail and wholesale customers with the best vaporization and smoking products available in the industry. Our comprehensive products catalog is constantly enlarged by cooperation with the best representatives of the Cannabis & Headshop industry.

Cibidex offers a wide selection of smoking accessories such as bongs, vaporizers, shishas and many more. We will supply your store with highest quality rolling papers, filters, rolling trays and hemp grinders from leading producers. We also have a wide range of products supporting the storage of dried hemp, such as Boveda moisture control sachets or storage containers. In our offer you will also perceive a wide catalog of products such as lighters, electronic scales, rolling machines and more. We are constantly expanding our assortment in order to always be up to date with the new trends prevailing on the market.

Our second course of actions is to provide the highest quality raw materials obtained from fibrous hemp – our brands of CBD hemp and CBD oils respectively Vonzzy and CBD Spectral will be perfect to complement your business. We guarantee high margins and excellent quality products, which will ensure increased sales in your sales channels. We cooperate with the largest companies on the market such as: OCB, RAW, VIBES, Santa Cruz Shredder, CLIPPER, SmokusFocus, actiTube or Stundenglass.

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We are proud regular member of The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), a consortium of the hemp-processing industry representing the common interests of industrial hemp farmers and producers, both nationally and at the European level.